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Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue

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Young Living Essential Oils

We are dedicated to rescuing and caring for Maltese and other toy breeds (as room allows) who are either rescued from shelters, found as strays, or no longer wanted by their family (owner).

Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue has used Young Living Essential oils for some of our rescues for years, and is extremely happy with the needed results. The integrity and purity of Young Living Essential oils give their customers a product that is among the best in the essential oil industry. This is provided by growing their own botanical seeds on their farms throughout the world. Their oils offer therapeutic relief to our fluffy friends and to us, which is priceless.

We all want the best for our furbabies; in today's world there is so much toxic chemicals in to many products that can affect our beloved furbabies. Everything from cleaners to scents that they can have reactions to. Young Living most likely has the toxin-free healthy equivalent of every product you probably currently use in your home:

  • pet products such as shampoo, ointment, calming oils
  • Personal care products, such as skin care, dental care
  • Cleaning products (one product will clean floors, counter tops, windows, glass, etc. Thieves Household Cleaner)
  • Laundry products
  • Mineral make-up
When shopping for Young Living, please use our dedicated website link that is set up to send 100% of the purchase profits to SCMR! CLICK HERE to access that page. What an easy way to help SCMR; to purchase pet safe products (or any other products) for your beloved pets and help SCMR at the same time. It doesn't cost anything more!

The landing page will offer a membership option, if only wanting to make a purchase, just click the "no thanks" tab, that will bring visitors to the page that anyone can then view and learn more about Young Living. Click on the products tab at the top of the screen, a drop down box will display all the products Young Living offers.

These are great products that can help with many issues, dry skin, anxiety, and more. Young Living has reference manuals that our representative can help with and recommend what would possibly help. And, Young Living is a company that DOES NOT do animal testing!

Please give this a try, this product is very effective, the quality far surpasses any essential oils that are sold in stores!

For more information go to this blog page:
Essential Oils for Pets: A quick how to

As with all products and foods, please check with a veterinarian that is familiar with essential oils before using.

Please contact SCMR for any questions and we will be happy to help: email us at, or call us 423-443-4082 or contact our Young Living representative Taire: or phone number is 813-545-3342.