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Check out the great stories of our previous Special Needs babies - Hope, Savannah, Maggie and May


Blanche is blind due to a birth defect, so there is no hope of getting her sight back. She will soon be having surgery to remove one eye that is sunken and causing her eyelashes to turn inwards irritating her eye. The surgery will help her to be more comfortable. If there is anyone that would like to sponsor her surgery please send in a donation!


Hank was adopted and is doing great in his forever home, having his best life! So happy for Hank and his forever family!


Humphrey is no longer available for adoption, because of his declining health, SCMR feels it is in his best interest to keep him in his loving foster home for the time he has left. A home that is familiar and where he enjoys his foster siblings. If anyone would like to help sponsor his medical bills (treating his poly-arthritis), please feel free to send a donation, and be sure to let us know the donation is for him. We will place your name on his website as a sponsor angel, if you would like.

Click here to read more about Savannah! At just 20 weeks old and 3.5 lbs., Savannah was diagnosed with PDA (patient ductus arterious), a heart condition which is correctable with surgery. Thanks to your generous donations to pay for her surgery, our little girl is living large in her forever home.

Hope Born with no front legs!

Click here to read more about Hope! Read about her inspiring story and how she is progressing in her new home.

Check out Hope's new video
on youtube - featured on
Dogs 101: Maltese on Animal Planet!

Click here to read more about Maggie!  
Maggie goes to her new home!

Click here to read more about Maggie, a 3 month old MaltiPoo that had Liver Shunt surgery before going to her forever home.

Read Maggie's Journal

20 Puppymill Dogs Find Homes!

20 Maltese rescued at the GA puppymill auction on 4/29/06 have all found new homes. Thanks to those who donated $ to rescue these dogs and to Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga (HES) for helping us rescue many other dogs that went to other rescue groups. The details of their long journey from puppymill prison to finding loving forever homes are available on their update page.

Thank you for helping me!

Murphy Finds a New Home!

Murphy was adopted on 6/3/06. His story is truly amazing. If not for your generous donations, we would be unable to help dogs like Murphy. Thank you so much!

Read about these special needs babies that are now adopted and have great homes!


Click here to see before and after pictures and the story about all 4 dogs!

Read Kip's story!

Kip gets wheels, a second chance at life, and a great forever home. Hopefully we can recover and add more pictures later. You'll be missing those oh so cute pictures, but it's still a great story!