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Hope July 10, 2007: SCMR needed your help to help this little girl. Hope was born June 13 without any front legs. The owner thought perhaps she should be euthanized, but contacted Small Paws to ask them to help save her. SCMR was then contacted, and we agreed to take this little girl into our rescue. The owner has agreed to let little Hope stay with her Mama until she is 8 weeks old. We expected her to arrive sometime around August 11.

Susan Sebring with Small Paws ( did some research on a special vest with a wheel to help her get around. There is a vet who specializes in prosthetic devices Hope but also makes a "Hoppy Vest" for pups like Hope. He would specially fit her with 5 - 7 vests as she grows through the puppy phases for $300 and then make an adult vest for $300. For a total of $600, this girl's chest will be protected as she gets around. UPDATE NOTE: After looking at all options for Hope, it has been determined that it would be in the best interest of Hope to work with a local company to make a device for her

Hope We want to be able to do all that we can to help this little girl live as normal a life as possible. We continue to check into every possible option for her as we ready her for her new forever home. Your donations to help Hope have been greatly appreciated! We have received sufficient funds to cover Hope's expenses.

Hope and her sister
7/17/07 UPDATE:   We have been contacted by the owner, and Hope isn't getting the nutrition she needs because she's being pushed away by her siblings. She apparently is quite a bit smaller. We are moving her this week. She will be turning 5 weeks tomorrow. We'll update again when she arrives.

Hope is now in the care of SCMR! 7/20/07 UPDATE:    Check out these great pictures of Hope at and her video on Hope is now in the loving arms of her SCMR foster mom. This little girl did well on her trip to us. She has lots of spunk and loves to give kisses. We did find out that in addition to not having front legs she also doesn't have a tail. That doesn't seem to slow her down though. Please consider donating to the care of this special little girl. She deserves a chance of having a happy future in a loving home.

7/23/07 UPDATE:   Hope went to the vet for a checkup today and captured everyone's heart. She weighs 1.2 lbs and seems to be very healthy. She was a very good little girl and everyone wanted to meet her; and of course, instantly fell in love. We will be working with Dr. Troy Bearden of Shallowford Animal ( to help get Hope up and moving around.

Hope Hope
Hope Hope Hope captured everyone's heart!

8/21/07 UPDATE: Hope went to the vet today to get her first puppy shots. Of course they all love her there, and everyone wants her to go home with them & be their puppy!

Hope has been doing the leg exercises suggested by her physical therapist and she is gaining muscle strength and a greater sense of balance. She rears up on her hind legs to play and to get into a little doggie bed on the floor. Hope is very energetic and playful and does not seem to notice she is different.

Click here for Hope's latest video!

Hope is going to see the physical therapist and a prosthetics specialist later this week. We are very excited for her.

Hope came into rescue at 5 weeks as an infant. She did not know how to eat on her own and was handfed all her meals until she got the hang of it. She did not want the bottle formula, if she could not have Momma's milk she wanted food! She is eating well and gaining weight on Life's Abundance and Evanger's. She weighs 2.2 pounds!

8/27/07 UPDATE: Video of Hope's visit with a prosthetics specialist:

8/31/07 UPDATE: Video of Hope getting her body cast:

10/12/07 UPDATE: Video of Hope getting her first set of wheels:

10/30/07 UPDATE:   Hope went back for another fitting at Dynamic Prosthetics. The device which is being custom built for Hope is continually being adjusted as they see what works well and what doesn't. Hope was a trooper and is getting much more comfortable in the device. Dynamic will be making some additional design changes; things being considered are- lower center of gravity, wider placed wheels, larger wheels.

1/6/08 UPDATE:  Hope is doing great; she has settled in and is totally adored by her forever family. She lives in a warm climate with a wonderful couple whose life is centered on Hope and their other furbabies. She has someone with her 24x7, and has superb veterinary care.

3/25/08 UPDATE:  Hope is settling in wonderfully in her new home. As she is completing her growth, she is currently being fitted for a new prosthetic device. She is a happy sweet little girl who is being well cared for... When her new device is completed we will post a picture of this precious baby trying her new wheels out!

5/28/08 UPDATE:  Read the Spring 2008 Newsletter (Adobe Reader required) for updated info and pictures of Hope.

3/2/09 UPDATE:  Hope was recently featured on Animal Planet's Dogs 101, and she is thriving in her new home. Thank you to everyone who made it possible to help this little girl!

10/21/09 UPDATE: Check out Hope's new video on youtube - featured on Dogs 101: Maltese on Animal Planet!