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October 2009
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If you wish to honor a friend or recognize the passing of a family member, consider a donation in 'honor of' or 'in memory of'. SCMR will send a card acknowledging your donation to the family you indicate. Your money will help keep our dogs alive and healthy, instead of buying flowers which will quickly fade and be discarded.
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Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue is a 501(c)(3)
all donations are tax deductible
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SCMR Doggie Lavender or Peppermint/Tea Tree Spa Pack
The Doggie Spa Pack includes the Every Dog has his Day SpaŽ Shampoo, Between Baths Spritz, and shea butter Paw Rub, along with dog bathing accessories (a bathing sponge and rubber duck!).
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We have a new mailing address!
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PO Box 2005
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Your Baby's Story could be in our next mailing!

If you have adopted from SCMR (doesn't matter when), we would love to hear from you!  Send us your story, and a picture, and we will get your Baby "published"!!!!  You can even dress up your baby!  The next issue will be before Thanksgiving, does anyone have a turkey outfit?  That would be to cute!

Just email us your story and pictures to scmr1@yahoo.com and we will take it from there, please send by 11/18/09!
Hope's wheels
check out her newest video on YouTube!

Cupcake, Cupcake                          
Even at the age of 15, someone saw love and sweetness in her, wanting to give her a forever home for what ever time she may have. We are so happy for Cupcake!

Cupcakes forever mom sent this to let us know how she is doing:  Just a note to tell you that Cupcake is doing wonderful and we all love her so much. I cannot imagine my life without her and am so blessed to give her my love every day. I recently bought a dog stroller so she can go on walks with us and I am sending you a picture of her in it and one of my other two girls as well. Hope you are well and may God bless you richly for what you do.


Bridgette what a doll!

Her new mom reports: Guess where she slept last night....so much for the crate idea. She is such a love...she is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I can't thank you enough for choosing us. I promise that she will be much loved and well cared for as long as she lives. My biggest problem is going to be being firm with her when she's bad because she's so darn cute and loving. Good thing she little because she may be running the house before she's finished with us.
MarshmellowWhat a sweet fella this 16 year old is!  See, even at 16, good forever homes can be found!

Marshmellow. did just that, he is now in his forever home and doing really well.

 Well done "young" man!
Check out Charlie(on the right), and his new family, Reeny his brother and his forever mom Evelyn! 
charlie after Charlie had been in SCMR rescue for quite some time, but we are so please to announce that he is finally in his forever home and doing just great! 
A special angel came along, who was looking for a little boy who needed help. She saw Charlie and felt this was the one for her.
The moment Charlie stepped foot into his forever home, he instantly knew he was where he was meant to be.  No more hiding in crates during the day, he felt safe enough to be out and about investigating every room of the house and his new yard.
Thank you, Evelyn, for giving this senior boy a chance at a wonderful new life, he certainly deserves it.
Meet Pilots N Paws pilot Mike!Mike
Mike has helped SCMR by flying rescued dogs 
 to foster homes.  On Ocotber 24, he flew 6 dogs to NJ, where many of them have forever homes waiting for them!  
Thank you Mike and Pilots N Paws!
A little about Mike: he was born & raised in New England, has been flying since 1983, is a design engineer for GE Aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio making jet engines. Spends free time golfing, fly-fishing, flying and a little card playing when the rivers and golf courses freeze.....a busy man that still finds the time to help a rescue group such as SCMR move dogs to approved foster homes.  The time it saves on ground transports is nothing less than amazing!
mike the pilotCheck out Mikes name sake, Pilot Mike!  He flew all the way to NJ gazing into the clouds.  One can only imagine what was going thru Pilot Mikes little mind.  To go from a horrible puppymill to flying in the beautiful blue skys of freedom!  To date, Mike has helped SCMR to rescue 20 Maltese, thank you again Mike!
SCMR Wish Listwish list
Expenses are going up and up. Please help our foster homes make ends meet by donating any of the following items:

ˇ Pee pads
ˇ Interceptor (up to 10 lb. size)
ˇ Angel's Eyes
ˇ Dog beds
ˇ Baby receiving blankets
ˇ Harnesses & leashes
ˇ Paper towels ˇ Little Caesar's food ˇ Food bowls
ˇ Baby wipes
ˇ Crates
ˇ Fleece blankets
ˇ Frontline Plus
ˇ Diapers (newborn, #1, #2, #3)

As you have read the wonderful success stories in this newsletter, it is our hope everyone will see the great work that SCMR is doing and hope to continue for a very long time.

Yes, the economy is affecting SCMR (and all of the rescue community).  Our only income is thru donations from such generous folks as our supporters.  Without your donations we would not be able to save as many Maltese as we have and still hope to save.
Some of our supports may work for a company that does matching grants.  If so, SCMR is hopeful this source of money would be checked on and used.  If anyone knows of possible Grants that SCMR can research and perhaps appply for, just drop us an email at scmr1@yahoo.com and let us know!

Thank you all for your ongoing support of SCMR and our mission to save Maltese!

Please consider making a donation to SCMR this year for Christmas.  Your present will not be the wrong size, the wrong color, or even the wrong item!  AND there will be no crowds to deal with, no traffic!  How simple could it be, just click on any donate button in this newsletter and you are done! 
Hope to hear from you!

paypal donate button
Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue is a 501(c)(3)
all donations are tax deductible